About us

Kiril Lubenov is the moving power of the CrossFit Dream box.

He is a L1 certified coach and a CrossFit judge, but his experience in coaching, nutrition and injuries prevention is much wider than the concept of CrossFit. He studies physiotherapy in the National Sport Academy and graduates in 2004. After that he is a trainee in the neurosurgery in the biggest hospital in Sofia – Pirogov. Since 2007 Kiril is a personal trainer and since 2009 he is using the CrossFit methodology.

Krasimir Mitrev was born in 1988 and is one of the most colorful people in the box. He has been doing CrossFit for more than four years now and is part of the team just from the very opening of the box. He has a serious sport background and is a big fan of the CrossFit concept and methods. He has studied politology but is a perfect example of a person who turned his hobby into a profession.

Maria Tsenova was born in 1989.