Group Workout

1901181_903271679706341_8306815996933682320_nYou want to try something new and different? You seek fast results and have no free time? Try CrossFit and you will understand why this is the best way to work out and why it gets more and more popular in Bulgaria and worldwide.

The WOD in our gym every day is different. We are fans of diversity, so we are never bored and we have results at the same time. We train in groups.

The sessions last about an hour, during which we warm up, stretch, learn new skills or work on the technique of the skills we already have, or work out for strength. At the end we usually have a short WOD emphasizing on strength endurance. We aim at strength, velocity, stamina, coordination, balance and endurance.

menshealth1-572x380You can expect a great diversity of workouts, including basic movements with weights (back and front squat, deadlift, military and push press, etc.), olympic lifts (snatch and clean and jerk), gymnastics, plyometrics. We exercise either for time, or for max number of reps and we aim at getting better every time, competing with yourself or the rest of the group.

The workouts are for everyone who wants to challenge theirselves, regardless of his shape and capacity. We guarantee custom treatment because this is the way to get instant results.

Come and give it a try! Only you against yourself!

See our schedule and reserve your spot!

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