1. Hi! Please, tell us a few words about yourself

JP: Hi, my name is JP. I take physical fitness very seriously, because of my job I need to be in good physical shape.

Jon Blank: My name is Jon Blank, and I’ve been doing Crossfit for 6 years now. I am a Level 1 Trainer in the United States.

  1. How did you come to Bulgaria?

JP: I came to Bulgaria for work at the embassy for 6 weeks.

Jon Blank: I came to Bulgaria to work with the US Embassy in Sofia.

  1. How did you find out about our box?

JP: we found the box online trying to find a gym for our stay in Bulgaria.

Jon Blank: I found out about your box from the Internet

  1. How is CrossFit different from the standard fitness programs?

JP: in my opinion crossfit is different because you don’t get breaks or stopping points as you would in standard lifting, plus you have a class of people helping push you past your limits.

Jon Blank: Crossfit is different in that it constantly changes and does a good job making you move outside your comfort zone.

  1. What do you think about the atmosphere and the programming in our box? How is it different from your box in the USA?

JP: I loved your gym, great atmosphere, great people, wealth of knowledge from all trainers. The difference is the work outs are different, both equally challenging, just different work out styles between the gyms staff.

Jon Blank: I enjoyed your programming. I would say that compared to the USA, you guys do a lot more gymnastics than anything else. I noticed specifically that you do very little mono structural work (running, rowing, jump rope). I think adding those things in definitely keeps intensity high. I also thought you’d benefit from doing more weightlifting during METCON workouts. It seemed like most of the weightlifting moves were done in rep schemes with rest, which is not how the gyms I’ve been to in the US typically do things.

  1. Did you learn something new in our gym?

JP: yes my form greatly improved in your gym and I learned that its not always about biceps!

Jon Blank: I learned a lot from your training and methodology. I did like how you had solid warm-ups at the beginning of workouts. I benefited from Krassi teaching me how to do butterfly pull-ups and handstand walks.

  1. Would you train again with us if you come to Bulgaria in the future?

JP: if I could I would come back today and train in Bulgaria!

Jon Blank: I would absolutely come back in the future. Thanks for letting me train with you!

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