Today we present you Bruno Henriques. He is doing crossfit with us for more than a year. Here is what Bruno likes in crossfit in general and in CrossFit Dream

Name, age, profession?

Bruno, 32, Project Manager

Why did you choose to workout in our box?

It’s the only affiliated box in Sofia. But that’s not the only reason. After trying it, I was very happy with the support the trainers gave me, the varied daily programs, and with the overall atmosphere of the box.

How is CrossFit different from fitness and other sports you have tried?

Every training day is a different training day. There’s no time for boredom or repeating the same drills every time. Even when you repeat the WODs, you do it with the mindset to improve something, either the time, or technique, or you add a bit more weight.

It also gives you a good foundation to start creating your own program, according to your personal needs, for those days when you train by yourself.

What are the advantages of CrossFit in your opinion?

The people and the program. The workouts are always different so you are able to get a complete training and improve different areas, like strength, technique, endurance, and gymnastics. When you walk into the box you don’t know what’s the program for the day, but you know you can expect a complete workout.

It’s also great to train within a like-minded group of people that are full of energy and like to push themselves.

What is the atmosphere in our box?

There’s a good balance between competitiveness and fun. It’s a great community.

If you are ready to join CrossFIt Dream – here is our schedule. We are waiting for you!

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