Here is a short interview with our friend Louis Reed from the U.S. Here is why Louis is so in love with Crossfit:

Name, age, profession?

Louis Reed I’m 22 years old and I am a military security guard at the U.S. Embassy here in Sofia.

Why did you choose to workout in our box?

I’ve always been interested in trying crossfit out, so I search for a box in the area, and Crossfit Dream came up.

How is CrossFit different from fitness and other sports you have tried?

Crossfit is more about the commodity, and bettering each other together. Everyone there is there to workout and have fun.

What are the advantages of CrossFit in your opinion?

It’s something different for me, coming from mainly a bodybuilding type background. Now I’m winding my mind to the other compound lifts are so familiar to me.

What is the atmosphere in our box?

From the moment you walk in your greeted by the sweet receptionist, then you get trash talked by the coaches for not being there (cause they missed you). You just feel at home there, everyone, even people you have not yet met are happy to see you.

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