CrossFit Dream was established in 2011. It is the first affiliated box in Bulgaria. At the moment our box is the only affiliated in Sofia. What is the affiliation and why it is important – you can find more info at the official website of CrossFit.

We think CrossFit is one of the best ways to develop our bodies and minds. The sessions are relatively short – about an hour. It sounds too easy to you? Don’t be fooled, the sessions are very intensive.

The top priorities of the coaches in CrossFit Dream are the right technique of the movements, the control of intensity and prevention of all types of injuries. The WODs are scaled according to everyone’s capacity so we get the best results.

In our gym you won’t find bikes, treadmills or gladiators. Instead we will offer you a lot of free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, and med balls. For the advanced athletes we have gymnastic rings and weighted vests. Thanks to the rowing machines you will feel the pleasure of a real competition for strength and endurance.

Apart from our sessions in the gym, we organize a couple of bootcamps every year. We visit places where we can train CrossFit outside, do different tourist routes and strength training. Тhe usual destinations are the National Sport Base in Belmeken, Sport Palace Varna and others.

All this looks great but is only possible if we obey the safety rules.

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!