It’s time for a workout…you are looking for a different and more intensive training? Here I suggest to you a hard one 🙂

Today we will discuss how to row with a Concept2 rowing machine – the best in the professional class and the most often used by professional athletes, crossfitters and all kinds of sport freaks. In the gym we have two of those, which gives you the opportunity to compete, having in mind they can be connected through bluetooth.

We start with a light warmup of 500-600m rowing. Afterwords we make a few swings with a kettlebell and box jumps at 42cm.

And the workout is:

1. Rowing– 500m
2. Kettlebell swing – 10 reps
3. Box jumps at 42cm- 10 reps

This is just one round of the workout. You have to make 5 rounds for the shortest time possible.

The kettlebell for women is 16kg and for men – 24kg. The box is 42cm for everyone.

I wish you luck!


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